Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One Day in September - Day 7

We are up to Day 3 of Elisabeth being home from school
with a nasty chest infection.
Poor chicken is getting pretty bored with Mum.

To combat the boredom today 
we did a couple of things

The Age Word Target
(we eventually got that elusive 9 letter word!)
I taught her how to play Patience.
We cooked Choccy Fudge Pudding for dessert for tonight.

This choccy Fudge Pudding is pretty legendary in our household.
It's my Mum's receipe and I think it was her Mum's too.
Its full of chocolate and butter and its
It's very rich - especially when you have it with double thick cream!

The extra bonus was she even cleaned up afterwards too!
Anyway, it's back to school tomorrow.

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Simply_Tea said...

looks like a yummy recipe! Will have to give that one a go! Delicious!