Monday, September 6, 2010

One Day in September - Day 6

Spring has sprung!

I love our garden in Spring.
We were lucky enough to have inherited a garden 
from the previous owners who were 
Green Thumbs.
That's with a capital G and a capital T.

They planted all sorts of goodies.
Some we have removed due to renovations.
Apple trees, roses and begonias.
Some have died a natural death.
Apricot and nectarine trees.
Some have flourished.
Old fashioned, perfumed roses, freesias, rhodendron.

It's only the start of Spring so here is a snapshot of 
what has bloomed in the last few weeks.

Our Rhodendron has gone crazy with all the rain we have had.
It is one of the biggest Rhoddy's you will ever see! 
It's huge!
The pale pink Camelia's are just divine.
They are perfectly proportioned in the perfect shade of pink.

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