Saturday, September 11, 2010

One Day in September - Day 11

In my post yesterday I mentioned I love to read and love books.
I really do love to read, but since having kids it is one thing I sadly seem to have little time for.
Gone are the days when I used to read in bed at night for hours.
Now I'm lucky if I even finish one page before I nod off.

Even when we go on holidays I take a few books to read.
All they seem to do is gather sand and suncream stains.
Nope...too busy watching kidlets in the pool.

I do love to immerse myself in a good book.
To be so drawn into it you just cannot put it down.
I must say as I've got older I struggle to find good fiction books.
I just dont seem to have the patience for the drawn out plots 
and character familiarisation.
When I do manage to read a book its usually non-fiction.
Life is too short to read bad books I say.

I also mentioned yesterday my love for magazines.
I'm a bit embarrassed to say 
I really only look at the pictures!
Sorry to all those journo's out there who spend hours writing the perfect piece.
Give me pretty pictures and I'm happy!
Simple things!

My kids love to read too.
I do think you can never have too many books.
We grab lots of fabulous oldies from the op shops.
We seem to find lots of old Golden Books, Dr,Suess and Scholastic ones.
There is a great stall at the Camberwell Market
that sells a fantastic array of old ones - a bit pricey sometimes though.

Katie & Lou from We Heart Books
have a wonderful website where you can find the most 
amazing selection of kids books.
They were also very kind to feature my kids booknook on their blog too.

We have made a snuggily Book Nook for our girls.
Annabel loves to sit there and pretend she's the teacher reading to her class!
As well as our op shop finds, I managed to keep quite a few of my old favorites from when I was a kid too.
The bookcase was in my childhood bedroom too!

In case you are wondering...
the Ron Arad Bookworm is from the BEST online furniture shop
They are over the side of the world in The Netherlands
they are much cheaper than buying things here!
How does that work?



MMBB said...

I love your little book corner, I only recently bought a bookshelf to put all my kids books in, a forward facing canvas one so the kids can see them better, and pack them away easily :)

Jane and Lou said...

Oooh, hello, new to your lovely blog, followed for you- I'm procrastinating cleaning up my kitchen from 2 days spent baking, the ballet tea party yesterday and the year 1 family picnic today! So this blog is a lovely excuse (kitchen can wait). You girls are clever cookies! All the best with the blog and the business (am off to check out the shoppe next!) Jane:) @

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