Monday, September 13, 2010

One Day in September - Day 12

To Market. To Market.

We did our first country market today.
What fun!

We were up at the crack of dawn.
Car packed.
Thermos ready.
Sanga's made.
Off we went!

We even did a pit stop at Macca's for a caffine hit!
(And it wasnt too bad either!)

The St.Ambrose Hall in Woodend was just the perfect location.
Ali had the heaters fired up 
some sweet Ah Tissue paper pom poms fluttering in the birch trees.

At 10am the church hall doors flung open and the crowds arrived!
For a little town, it was very very busy!
We met some wonderful stall holders.
I know I say this every market, 
there are some super talented people out there!

Lisa from Missy Moo Designs

Sharon's husband also was on stage providing the live music 
which was fantastic!
Sheryl from Cupcake Central was also there with her delish cupcakes!

A great day was had by all.
Ali did a fabulous job putting it all together.
I have to say this small country market was just as good, 
if not better than some of the big city markets.

It was really enjoyable getting out to the country too.
It still amazes us how many people had heard of our little company!
So lovely to hear all the comments!
Thank you!

Our best seller was the good old green polka dot.
We had our cupcake toppers and they sold like hotcakes!
Ballerina, footy and snow white all sold!
Our Christmas toppers will be available soon.

Here is Bel in her cute new Bob & Mabel dress!
Love it!


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