Thursday, September 2, 2010

One Day in September - Day 2

Day 2 and I am already late doing my post.
This is not a good start to a 30 day month of daily posts.
Lucy Feagins how do you do it?

Tut. Tut.

But...I digress...again.

It's Fathers Day on Sunday.

There has been a flurry of activity at school and kinder.
There was a stall at the school that sells lots of 'goodies' for Dad.
Happy with Elisabeth's restrained choice here!
(Think Steve will be happy too - wink, wink)
And fun activities at kinder for kidlets and Dads too.
They had make a marble run together!

It was reported yesterday that we dont spend half as much on 
Fathers Day pressies 
as they spend on us at 
Mothers Day.

To be honest I dont know that Dad's are all that fussed are they?
My husband Steve would be most happy with a sleep in
maybe eggs & bacon for breaky.
The girls have made really cute cards for the worlds best Dad too!
I think these are the most special presents of all.
I treasure all of mine they have made for me.

This will be the 1st Fathers Day without my Dad.
It will be a tough one.

We plan on a family afternoon tea on Sunday.
The girls can play with their cousin Esther.
They are all hysterical together!
Lizzy & I will whip up a few yummies.
lemon tarts (our lemon tree is overflowing)
brownie (mums famous recipe)
chocolate balls (kids love making them)
mini pavlovas - lemon curd can go on these too

Whatver you do on Sunday with your Dad...
have fun


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