Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One Day in September - Day 15

Today I had a couple of meetings in the city so I took the opportunity to 
take some snaps of this wonderful city we live in.

I do have to apologise for the photos as I only had my old camera with me.
Plus, it was a bit of grey old Melbourne day.

I dont work in the city anymore 
and I really do miss it.
Melbourne is reknowned for its 
secret hideaways
great shopping

So whenever I do go in I head to my secret carpark
and head to my fave shops and cafes. 

Love it!

Laneway cricket match and Giallo teacup window
Little Collins St

Love the Block Arcade for 
C&B coffee
Segovia chicken & bacon with extra mayo toasted pide
Haighs chocloate frogs
Douglas & Hope goodies
Dinkum Pies lamingtons, apple cakes & sausage rolls
The French Jewel Box sparkles
Georgetti's earrings



I love that !! I miss shopping in the city but not working in it. How gorgeous is that bicycle ? xx K

babygalah said...

Thankgoodness we moved back to Melbourne 3 months ago or I'd be on a plane quicker than I could pack a suitcase after reading that post !!!
I love Melbourne CBD and love that I'm just a tram ride away now.
Thanks for a great post and good for you for taking the time to appreciate the city!