Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One Day in September - Day 20

I know I have already posted about Spring has sprung
I couldnt resist sharing more of the beautiful flowers in our garden.

The freesias have finally bloomed and their gorgeous scent 
wafts around everywhere.
The old people who we bought this house from many moons ago 
planted drifts of freesias and they still flower prolifically each year.

The house is full of vases overloaded with freesias.
The girls have been busy!

The camelia tree I posted about a few weeks ago is actually drooping
with the weight of all the pretty, perfectly symmetrical pink blooms.

The huge hot pink Rhoddy is also in full bloom.
The best it has been for years.

The Verbena tree has cute snow balls of tiny flowers
which smell lovely too.

We still have the roses to go.
These should be ready about Melbourne Cup time.

I love this time of year!
If only the sun would shine little bit more.

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