Tuesday, September 21, 2010

AFL Grand Final Cupcake Toppers

If you are having an AFL Grand Final 'Do'
here are some fab cupcake toppers

We have a special offer for our footy fans
a super dooper
Grand Final Cupcake Pack

Each pack contains
1 x pack of cupcake wrappers
1 x pack of 6 footy cupcake toppers
Normally this would cost $21.00

We are offering this for only $16.00

For the Saints, match them up with our red stripe cupcake wrappers
For the Maggies get our plain white Decorate Me wrappers

Each topper pack contains
3 players and 3 footballs
available in either red or black jumpers
Perfect for Sainters or Maggies!

We only have a couple of packs left so email us you want them!
Be quick as we will need to send them ASAP
so you get them for the big day.
Let us know what color wrappers and what color footy jumper toppers
you want in your Footy Cupcake Pack

*P&H is an additional $5.00*


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