Thursday, July 29, 2010

RSPCA: National Cupcake Day!

RSPCA: National Cupcake Day!
It's a match made in heaven.
The Cupcake Wrapper Co 
The RSPCA National Cupcake Day

We have joined forces to raise much needed funds for the
We have our very own RSPCA fundraising page.
You can go there direct to make a credit card donation.
The money goes straight to the RSPCA.
You will receive an immediate tax receipt.
There are lots of ways you can get involved in 
Have a look at the website for more details.

We are aiming to reach $1000!
To get the ball rolling we will donate $100.
For every pack of cupcake wrappers sold in our Shoppe 
from now until the end of August
we will donate $2.50.

Everyone who buys a pack over this time 
who donates directly to our fundraising page
will be acknowledged on our 
National Cupcake Day Honour Board

As big animal lovers, this charity is important to us.
They really do such a fabulous job.
We got our cat Charlie from the RSPCA 14 years ago.
I have to say he is a weird cat, but seems to have become
more friendly as he has got older.
And here is Ella 
The Cupcake Wrapper Co mascot!
Isnt she gorgeous!



Monday, July 26, 2010

Peter loves his cupcakes!

We are super sooper excited to be launching into 
Peter Alexander stores next month!

Yep - all over Australia
and finally...
hellooo New Zealand!

We have loved Peter longtime!

I remember the very first pair of Peter Alexander PJ's I got.
I think they were actually the ones that went 
bananas for him and his empire began!
They were flannelette and had breakfast yummies all over them.
Eggs, cups of tea, toast, jam - all in a very retro print.

Now my girls beg me to take them into the Peter Alexander stores just so they can check out all the cool things in there.
Have you seen the kids PJ's? Sooo cute!
In fact Miss 8 even declared she wanted to work there!

So a selection of our cupcake wrappers will be available in 
his stores in August.
Click on the links above to find a store near you.

Let's hope they sell like...hotcakes...I mean cucpakes!


Magnolia time again.....

Far out it's nearly August
And for us that means one thing.

We simply cant wait to get to Malvern Town Hall!

As our stall will be placed amongst some retailers who specialise in 
childrens products we have decided to change the theme of our stall.
Nat and I will be have a few trial runs this week.
We have been busy fossicking for props and decorations.
We think it will look super cute!
Check out our facebook page for a sneak peak later this week!

Its always a great time to catch up with some of our great friends we have met through Magnolia Square too.

These girls will all be there with their beautiful wares.

There is a new section at the Magnolia Square called Bloom.
This features new up and coming retailers.
The Mag Square girls are always sourcing new talent so there should be 
plenty on offer at the Malvern.

To say thank you to all our loyal & supportive readers
we would love to give you a present if you visit us at Magnolia Square.
Simply leave a comment on this post and you can pick up your 
free cupcake wrapper sample pack 
from our stall.

Tell all your friends, we would love to see you there!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Cupcake Wrapper co. Shoppe Sale!

Our little Shoppe is on sale!

We have selected several of our cupcake wrappers designs to be on sale.
These designs will sell for $10.95 for a pack of 12.
That is a saving of $4 per pack.
Shop now & stock up for birthdays or other celebrations.

Remember our cupcake wrpapers are reusable so you will be able to stack these up in the cupcboard and pull them out for the next party as well.
Postage within Australia is only $2.50 for up to 2 packs.

Have fun!




Monday, July 19, 2010

Christmas In July

In the depths of a southern hemisphere winter there is a new 
tradition that has emerged recently...

Winter in July

Now it is not really my thing as I am still getting over all the hoo-ha of Christmas decorating that I indulge in for the real thing in December.
I couldn't possibly put my family through it all again twice a year.
In fact I only just took down my 'Joy' Christmas lights that were still hanging on the outdoor deck fence!
Thought they better have a bit of a rest under the house, out of the rain for a few months. 
They have to come out again in November,
and thats only 3 months away, 

So no, I am not one for getting into the Christmas spirit on July 25th.

At this time of year, I'm quite happy sitting in front of the fire with my uggies on, with a quiet glass ( or two) of red, my block of Snack choccy, the footy on, and indulging in the latest Inside Out or Real Living.

But plenty of people are, as I am finding out.
A great friend has an old family tradition of having a big 
extended family get together.
They dont see them all at Christmas in December, 
so July is their catch up time.
With so many people, it probably makes sense to do this 
at a less busy time of year.

Another Daneve from Ah Tissue has just posted some photos from her recent Christmas in July.
All very civilised & lovely - no silly paper hats and lame jokes there.
By the way...I love her tissue pom poms!
I could make some space for some of them in the 10 boxes of Christmas decorations I have under the house...yes at least 10 boxes...eeek!

If you are so inclined...
 we have some cute cupcake wrappers that would be perfect for 
Christmas cupcakes or mini plum puddings?

So do you do Christmas in July?
Or would you like to start this tradition?
If you do, we want to know about it.

To win is simple
Please leave a comment about how you celebrate Christmas in July 
how you would like to

We are giving away 5 packs of our new red Christmas Noel cupcake wrappers.
They are so new I dont even have a picture of them!
But I can tell you they are really cute.
Especially when mixed with our red & green Santa, spot, stripe or star.
Or even our red Lovebirds look like 2 partridges in a pear tree - perfect for Christmas too!

We will use Mr.Random to select 5 random winners from all the comments.

If you do celebrate Christmas in July, you can even post some photos on our Facebook page - we'd love to see them!

Good luck!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Cupcake Wrapper Election

So a few weeks ago we launched our gorgeous 
Paris cupcake wrapper.

Oh boy!
What a response!
You loved it!

There's always a but...

it only comes in pink

Quelle horreur!

 We have received lots (and I mean lots!) of queries about 
if we can do that wrapper in other colors.

So dear cupcake wrapper lovers, I give to you a readers poll.

Down the right hand side of the page,
just after our stockists list,
you will find a poll where you can vote for 
which color you would like to see our 
paris cupcake wrapper printed in.

There is one teensy little thing missing.
Would you like black & white?
So if you want monochrome - just leave a comment and we will tally them up

Nothing like a bit of cupcake wrapper democracy is there?
Once you have voted, feel free to leave a little comment 
on any other color combo I have missed. 
Merci Beaucoup!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Donna Hay & The Cupcake Wrapper Co.

Back in 2009 when Natalie & I were in the midst of getting 
The Cupcake Wrapper Co 
up & running
we set ourselves a little goal....
to get our cupcake wrappers featured in 
Donna Hay Kids magazine.

Well 8 months later we hit the jackpot!

We are so thrilled to let you know our stripe & polka dot cupcake wrappers
are featured on 
page 137 of the 
2010 Donna Hay Kids magazine.

We are kind of just a tad excited!

But...there was one small mistake.
Our cupcake wrappers were credited to another company.
But we are here to let you know they are definitely
The Cupcake Wrapper Co
cupcake wrappers
they are available from 
our stockists, including 
or from our new little 

A pack of 12 reusable cupcake wrappers costs $14.95

To celebrate we are offering 
postage for all Australian orders.

This is only for a limited time
So be quick!