Thursday, September 16, 2010

One Day in September - Day 15

I'm feeling a little self indulgent today as I tell you 
about a special place in my heart.

It has been a long cold and wet winter here in Melbourne.
The wettest for 12 years.
The coldest for 11 years.
Something like that anyway.
On the plus garden is looking fantastic!
PS: my freesias are now blooming and smelling sweet too!

Wouldn't you just love to pack your bags and jet off to the tropics?
I have been lucky enough to go over twice this year.
Bali is a place that you become addicted to.
It's all so intoxicating!
The smells as soon as you get off the plane at Denpasar.
The colors all around you.
The people are soooo happy, friendly and generous.
The crazy crazy driving that seems to somehow work.
The noisy motorbikes.
The busy markets with their dodgy bartering.
The food is so amazingly delicious.
The Bintang is so refreshingly cold and thirst quenching.
The rupiah is so bad its so good for us!

I wanted to share some photos that I thought really represent Bali
I think I may even self indulge some more tomorrow 
and share a great place to holiday in Bali...

All these photos were taken around Ubud, Ulluwatu, Kuta and Balian Beach.
If you have a favorite place in Bali, let us know about it too.


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Mrs Woog said...

Oh I love Bali! We go twice a year and are lucky enough to be going for a month over Xmas this year... bring. it. on.