Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Photo A Day, Means We Get To Play!

30 days has September...

I got a new toy last week!
A brand spanking new camera!
A fancy DSLR!
I'm still working it all out, but having lots of fun learning all of its tricks.

So to celebrate 12 months of 
The Cupcake Wrapper Co blog
I will be giving you a little insight into

We will post a photo every day of something that is special to us.
 We will finally answer those hard hitting questions.
Hopefully we wont waffle on for a whole month!

We would love to get your comments and questions.
So please feel free to ask away.
Request a photo even.

We hope you will enjoy getting to know us a little better.
Here is a little sample.....


Big Top Fun!

Our new Circus cupcake wrappers 
are now available in our

Circus or Carnival parties are super popular now so these little beauties 
will be perfect for adding that extra touch to your party.

You can also use our 
cupcake wrappers in

We also sell the cupcake toppers now too

Balloon Toppers $1.00 each
Large Clowns $1.00 each
Mixed bag of 12 toppers is $12.00
All you need to make the best Carnival in town!
Some of our Happy Birthday and Star wrappers are still on sale too


Monday, August 30, 2010

You Guys Are Everywhere.....

we hear this a lot.

Which is a good thing, as every small business owner 
wants more media exposure for their product.
Even better when its free editorial.

Are we everywhere?
Don't think so.
Not yet anyway!

I hate to think we miss somewhere we have been featured.
It's hard to keep track of everything.
We can't buy every magazine we send samples to.

So many people ask us:
How do you get all the exposure?

1. Most of the time we get the email/contact from the inside of the magazine.
2. We send an email with an info sheet & cute images of our 
cupcake wrappers.
3. We send them samples and a media kit.
4. We sit & wait with baited breath that we will get featured!
5. We send semi-regular emails when we have a new design or new images.
6. We keep track of online features through Google Alerts.

Recently I went to a Media Workshop run by 
Some key points to come out of that were:
1. Media people prefer emails, not phone calls.
2. They will keep your info filed away & will call on you when your 
product is suitable.
3.  Your press release should be short, sharp & succinct.
4. Try to add press release/images into the body of the email.  
The less attachments the better

we must be doing something right as last month
we had a record amount of editorial features.
We lurve editorial as it's

Sometimes we are also lucky enough to have our stockists use our 
cupcake wrappers in their marketing as well.
Thanks to 

Not forgetting another holy grail for us...
we were featured on the amazing Amy Atlas blog
This was done courtesy of the very talented Leoni from 
Amy has been a huge inspiration for us so we are honored that 
she loves our cupcake wrappers 
added a link to our website.

We contacted Leoni to thank her for the lovely post and guess what?
She lives just around the corner from us!
What  small world!
You simply must check out Leoni's blog - her cake making skills 
are just incredible!
Leoni has also used our Lovebirds cupcake wrappers

So there you go.
A big post to make up for a tad of blogging slackness of late.

We hope to see our cupcake wrappers in the media again soon.
Then we really will be everywhere!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Done and Dusted...Magnolia Square

What just happened last week?

It was the whirlwind that is
Magnolia Square, Malvern.

We set up our pop-up shop on Wednesday arvo.
It rained.
Oh dear we thought.

But Thursday morning came along.
It was freezing, but there was sun...yes...sun!
The clock ticked over 9.45am and we were just putting the icing on the cakes.
(Ha! Pun definitely intended!)
There was big bustling crowd waiting at the doors aleady.
Those prams were almost revving their engines as 
Metka got ready to open the Town Hall doors!
Mmmm..this is a good sign.

For the next 3 days it was crazy!
It was non stop customers.
It was fantastic!

What we learned from Magnolia Square
Probably 85% of our customers had already heard about our cupcake wrappers.
Nearly everyone had seen them in Donna Hay Kids magazine or Frankie.
We had a different best seller on each day.
Overall our best seller was our Pink Paris cupcake wrapper.
We will probably look at adding vintage cupcake toppers to our range.
You need to wear comfy shoes when you are standing all day.
We will be talking about "reusable cupcake wrappers" in our sleep for months!
We found a sneaky secret car park and didnt get a ticket..snigger!
Avoid taking a pram to Magnolia Square.  A baby carrier is much better.
We drank a lot of coffee.
Ed Dixon' cupcakes & sausage rolls are delicious.
We ate too many lollies - bananas, raspberries and fruit sticks


There are SO many talented & creative people there who had a stall
they were mainly women doing an amazing job running their business.
We are very proud to be in such esteemed company.

Thank You to all our supporters who came along.
We met loads of lovely people.
Even if people didnt buy anything, they still had sweet things to say about our cupcake wrappers.
It was really quite exciting!
And so exhausting!

Hope to see you next time.