Friday, September 3, 2010

One Day in September - Day 3

If you live in Melbourne, there is no escaping the footy.
Love it or hate it
it is a quintessential part of 

This division of The Cupcake Wrapper HQ is diehard Hawthorn.
Our other division of The Cupcake Wrapper HQ is diehard Geelong.
Ooh there was pain in 2008!
David is still getting over that one.
Steve will never let him forget it - and reminds him often.

Footy is pretty big in our household.
For that matter, sport in general is.
Thanks to Foxtel, Steve can always find cricket on
somewhere in the world on any given night.

We do have a few footy rituals around here
1. SEN is glued to our radio dial
2. Before the Bounce - Friday night
3. Before the Game - Saturday night
4. On The Couch - Monday night
As well as various other footy shows over the week.

It's non stop!

Its Footy Fun Day next week at school too.
Scarves, beanies, face paint, hair spray will be out in force!

Grand Final Day we always have a get together with friends.
Usually a BBQ.
Kids kicking the footy, adults yelling the umps, mums gasbagging.
Its all fun!
A couple of traditions we have on GF day too.
1. You need to pick who will kick the first goal
2. Pick the winner and the margin
3. Who will win the Norm Smith medal
4. What was the crowd attendance
No prizes - just bragging rights!

This weekend is the first round of finals.
Here are my tips:

Go Hawkers!


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Bri said...

Football AND cupcakes! Could it get any better?!