Sunday, September 19, 2010

One Day in September - Day 17

Happy Birthday Liza!

It was a very special day today with Miss Liza having her 5th birthday party.
My girls were super excited to be invited to her party
at the legendary 

There wouldn't be too many little girls in Melbourne that havent been to this 
magical place for a party.

It all starts as you meet your special party fairy 
who then helps you to climb through
the magic wardrobe, through to the Fairy room.
Throughout the day you visit 
the Underwater Room,
the Wizards Chamber, the Goblins room 
the Secret Garden
There are lots of special surprises along the way too!

Fairy Sarah taking them through the magic wardrobe

The Birthday Girl!

Searching for the precious gold chocolate coins in the treasure chest
sliding down the slide in the Wizards Chamber

Natalie with Liza & Cleo

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Lyndsay said...

Those little ballerinas are SO CUTE! Lovely! I am a bit disappointed I'm a little too big of a little girl to go see the fairies ;)

Simply_Tea said...

Very cute! What a great idea for a birthday party!