Monday, September 6, 2010

One Day In September - Day 4

Oh dear. I've missed a few days.
But wait...
I do have an excuse.
You see I have had my Nurse Jackson
hat on.
After one of the coldest & wettest winters in Mebourne for some 12 years
we thought we had all avoided the dreaded winter lurgy.
But no...
it has been waiting to pounce and did last week.

We are now inundated with
horrible croupy coughs, chest infections and stuffy, runny noses.

Anyway we are stocked up with veritable pharmacy of lotions & potions to fix us up.
Fingers crossed we will all be better by the end of this week.

Aside from that doom & gloom, there was some fun at our place on Saturday.

We had four giggling girties invade The Cupcake Wrapper HQ!
My girls had their cousins come over for a sleepover!
It was an action packed weekend full of...
Hama beads
Dress ups
Playing Mums & Dads
Sleeping top to toe
and of course there was lots of


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