Thursday, January 21, 2010



Congratulations to our lovely Australia Day competition winners!

Kym - again!

Thank you to everyone who entered.
We loved having you visit our blog.

And in the spirit of the competition here are a few things we love about Australia
(in no particular order)

Big clean beaches, lamingtons, wide blue skies that go on forever, Kylie, pavlova, lyrebirds, Janz or Chandon Bubbles, Tim Tams, the amazing cultural diversity, Zimmerman, ALF footy, Uluru, Hughsey, magpies warbling, Melbourne Cup, Bill Granger & Kylie Kwong, everyones generosity in the face of adversity, VEGEMITE, Byron Bay, netball, wombats, Mem Fox books, clear twinkling starry nights, Leona Edmiston, Chaddy, Play School, Powderfinger, Muriels Wedding, Camberwell Sunday market, Violet Crumbles, gum trees, Sydney Harbour, rhyming slang, Dame Edna...there are so many many more, we could go on forever!



Giggleberry (Amy) said...

Yay, Yay, Yay!!!!! Thanks sooooooo much!!! I had my fingers doubley crossed for this one as I have a plan hatching for a way to use these red and white wrappers - I'll be sure to share :)

MJ said...

I AM JUST *SO* *SO* Excited....:)
Thank you so much! It's my sons birthday in March and I wanted to use them for that! Will take pics :)