Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holiday Fun!

Summer holidays are in full swing here in Melbourne.

January is one of my favorite times of the year.
It just feels like everyone is in what I call 'Byron-mode'.
It's all a bit more relaxed that the usual hustle & bustle.
January in Melbourne is filled with things like the Australian Open tennis, the cricket, Moonlight cinema, lots of BBQ's, kids playing outside til late, cicada's, bats flying overhead each night, hot hot days followed by a cracking thunderstorm, mangoes, not so much traffic on the roads, frustrating summer word puzzles in The Age
and not forgetting a nice old beer or vino.

Luckily the weather has been fantastic so far - beautiful sunny days, with the occassional scorcher - perfect for heading to our local pool.
With so many days to fill I've written a list things to try to do with my girls.
I have to say even though they got a Wii for Christmas they havent been too fussed about playing it too much.

A few of things on our holiday list are:
1. Visit the penguins at The Aquarium
2. Have a picnic & explore the gardens at Heide Museum
3. Have a Treasure Hunt at home
4. Have a sleepover in our tent in the backyard
. 5. Visit Uncle Pete and all his wonderful goodies at The Melbourne Museum

If all else fails we can always make cupcakes and use our new
Decorate Me! wrappers.
The kids have had a play with them already and they love them!
Only $10 for a pack of 12 blank wrappers
Email us to order:

Happy Holidays!


Rachel said...

Sounds like fun! It is so interesting to hear from your neck of the woods. Here in Indiana, we got half a foot of snow and are sitting by a crackling fire tonight. I love the contrast of that with your fun bbq's and adorable picnic-y cupcake wrappers! Cheers!

LOOPI... for you said...

I love your blog so I'm passing on this little award: