Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year...New Cupcake Wrappers

So here we are in 2010 already...where did the last 10 years go since the millenium and all that pallaver about a 'bug'?
And yes even though 2010 sounds so spaceage,
we are yet to cruise around the skies in our Jetson type cars.

Anyway...enough with all that....

Here is some exciting news!
We have 4 new designs of our cupcake wrappers.

Here is a sneak peak
And before you say anything...yes these are very rough samples that I have hand cut, so they do look a bit dodgy.
But I can confirm that they look fantastic,
and when they are printed they will look even better.
These will be available from February.
That is only a measily 3 weeks away - not too long to wait!

We are sooo excited about these new designs.

We have been developing these designs for a few months now.
Our lovely blog readers also contributed to our
cowboy design too, so thank you!
It is important to us to really stay on trend with our designs, thus the happy birthday wrapper in the cute fonts and the new Chinoirserie inspired pattern wrapper were developed after reading countless home design mags from here and abroad.
We love the new designs and we hope you do too.

So if you want to buy them - contact us or visit a stockist(see list).
And if you want to stock them in your shop - email us:

Let us know what you think!



Michelle said...


Susan said...

they are all perfect! especially the tippy top one :)

any chance i could convince you to do one with peacocks on it??? i figure it can never hurt to ask!

Siobhan. Vanessa. said...

Love them girls!

DonnaP said...

Just gorgeous - can't wait to see them in 'real life'!

Also forgot to send you a message to thank you for the free samples I won before xmas. Totally cute and got lovely feedback from my family.

(PS - love the sound of Susan's suggestion for peacocks - would look beautiful!)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous cupcake wrappers.