Sunday, January 31, 2010

One More Sleep - Back to School!

There is a tinge of excitement here at The Cupcake Wrapper HQ as we get ready for the school & kinder year.
And that excitement is not just from our 4 girls who head back to 
Grade 2 and 3 Year old kinder.
It is also from us!

We get the HQ back to ourselves again!
Well that is not to say we haven't enjoyed the holidays.
We have and they have too.
But...6 weeks is a looooonnnnggggg time!

As we speak, the contact is out covering books, labels are being curled around pencils, textas & glue sticks, lunch boxes found in the plastics cupboard , and school bags being cleaned out of last years junk (couldn't be bothered doing it  when school broke up).
Oh and not forgetting pencil grips.
Some sort of grip phenomenon has taken over our Grade 2-ers.
There seems to be a black market in the class room for grips.
There are undercover swaps happening, grips seem to go missing at playtime and turn up surreptitiously in someomes pencil case and we have to case out every newsagent we come across for new designs and colors.

Anyway there are lots of Mums and Dads farewelling their little munchkin as they head off to school or kinder.
I have to say I was dreading the day my daughter started Prep.
I knew there would be tears (from me) so I packed the handy pack of tissues and wore my dark sunnies to hide the blotchy eyes.

Low and behold there was tears, no snuffling, no snivelling.
Just a cheery "Bye, have fun! Love you" and that was it.
I think I actually shed a tear when I picked her up that day and saw her coming out of the corridor with her bag & hat on.
So proud!!

So I do really feel for all the school & kinder newbies.
Here is a book that may help to ease the pain.

Leigh Hobbs book
Fiona The Pig's Big Day

Our friend Shelley at Femme De Montmartre raves about Leighs' work too and we have to agree with her.
This book takes a look at Fiona's first day from the molly-coddling, apprehensive parents point of view.
I'm sure you will appreciate it.
It certainly cracks us up!

Another oldie but a goodie is a Golden Book
We Like Kindergarten

I picked this one up from an op shop, but I even remember it from 
when I was little.
It's a very cute, simple story about going to Kinder.

Have fun heading back to school & kinder over the next week.


Designsdbj said...

The books look gorgeous. Is there one for mum's whose baby is going into their last year? Only 1 more year of chats in the car as we drive home from school. My goodness time has flown. I hope your girls enjoy the school year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies, lovely post. I find it to be the most bittersweet day. I always feel a tinge of sadness mixed in with the excitement when we return after holidays. It felt like prep all over again for me this year, as my girls started at a new school and kinder. I was more nervous than they were though, I have to make new school mum friends too!. I hope your girls enjoy their first day back. xx

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

oh girls! too sweet!! yes, i do love a bit of leigh hobbs...and i struggle a bit between enjoying the little guys being back at kinder and playgroup and realising they are gaining just a little more independance...i've figured it is a lifelong parenting dilemma. xx