Monday, January 11, 2010

Let's Celebrate! Australia Day!

What are you up to for Australia Day this year?

It used to be a quiet unassuming public holiday day for us.
We could have a lazy sleep in, read the Australia Day honours list, take the dog for a walk, watch the cricket, have a general sloth around.
But..that was before we had kids.

Our kids are so patriotic!
They LOVE Australia!
Now its Aussie flags, Australia tattoos, hats and zinc and head down the beach.
In fact as I get older the more I actually want a lovely old flagpole in our front garden with an Australian flag flying high in that hot northerly wind.
(However I am yet to convince hubby on this one)

For the last few years we have been at Rosebud foreshore
(Or North Portsea as we like to call it;) )
to particpate in their Australia Day celebrations.
We watch the Dromana Fun Run runners shuffle across the finish line.
There is a free hot breaky and heaps of free rides for the kids.
The Australia Day Ambassador overseas the awards for the runners and sometimes there is even a 'talent' show for the locals.
Its all a bit daggy, but we love it and wouldn't miss it this year!

Check out the great Australia Day site to see what is happening in your area.

To help you celebrate this wonderful place we live in, 
we are giving away some packs of our Red & Decorate Me! cupcake wrappers.

All you need to do is:
1) Tell us what you love so much about living in Australia.
If you don't live in Australia - tell us what you love about our country.

2) If you haven't joined our Facebook Fan page - please do
(Dont worry if you are not on Facebook - you can still enter)
Become a Cupcake Wrapper Co Facebook Fan

The top 3 comments will win 1 pack of red cupcake wrappers and 1 pack of our blank Decorate me! cupcake wrappers.

By the way...I do support Australia becoming a republic, but I do love the royals so I just had to use this cute little vintage cup celebrating 
the Queens' coronation.



Kelly said...

I love Australia's vastness and rugged beauty.

I'm A FB fan. Love you work.


Michelle said...

I love that we are a country far from many others, and that we have so many nationalities within our culture. I love that we are quite a young country and that is our culture in itself.

I'll be off now to become a fan on FB

Michelle said...

oh would love to enter but I'm not on facebook. Love the Aus day pics :)

Giggleberry (Amy) said...

I'm a FB fan of yours for sure :)

I have been blessed to travel to all corners of the globe in the past decade and have loved seeing the many different countries and cultures 'out there'. I get a warm and fuzzy feeling about our Great Southern Land when no matter where in the world I have been (Zimbabwe, Prague, Shanghai, USA, North Borneo, London, Switzerland just to name a few) I am told that Aussies are "Great, laid back, friendly and warm people"... it makes coming home from an overseas trip even more fabulous :)

Susan said...

I love that Australia has so much diversity when it comes to the land. Being the 'largest island' (not really, but you know what I mean) there is obviously a lot of lovely beach/coastal area, but then there are also the desert regions, the rain forest like environments, the mountain range, and so on. I don't know how anybody could not want to visit the land down under.

Plus, I think Australian accents are so much fun :)

Susan said...

and i'm a facebook fan, too!

Deeva said...

Let's see, what's not to love about Australia? The accents, verrrrry sexy. The animals, oh so cute, even the deadly ones. All Australians that I have seen or met have been nice. LOVE IT!

MJ said...

Australia- What I love
*diversity in landscape, plants, and people
*Haighs Chocolates
*the shape of Tasmania
*the sarcastic dry wit that Americans just don't seem to get
*ability to pull together as a community when needed
*uniqueness of Australian films
*how Americans think we have kangaroos bouncing on our trampolines in the backyard...well actually... :)

Candice said...

I love our laid back lifestyle & how we dont take ourselves too seriously. We live in such a beautiful country & I never realised how lucky we truely are until I travelled overseas.

Candice said...

Im already a Facebook Fan - Candice Ecclestone

Kym said...

A day at the beach in bikini and boardies!
Uluru - visiting the heart of our country!
Starry night skies where you can see them all twinkle.
Taking the kids to the pool, which turns to bath water, lol!
Running under sprinkles, oh I miss that!
A day finished with a BBQ and friends with cupcakes for dessert of course, lol!
Lovely winters that just get chilly enough to enjoy but not get stuck in the blizzards
Incredible weather like lighting, storms! You don't see that in London!
Australian accents, you can pick a aussie anywhere in the world and in a sea of foreign accents it makes you smile.

What does it spell?


Did you know in Austria they have a sign in the tourist shops with a kangaroo or koala with a cross through it and it says No Kangaroos in Austria, hehe, made me giggle, they must get a lot of people saying "oh you have Kangaroos?"

Kym said...

I am of course a Facebook fan :)