Saturday, November 20, 2010

Special Offer - Magnolia Square - Adelaide

We are soooo excited about coming to Adelaide 
that we are offering a free sample pack for our S.A friend 
who visit our gorgeous Christmas pop up Shoppe.

Simply leave a comment here
visit us at 
to pick up for your 
sample pack of our cupcake wrappers.

Easy Peasy!


BellaM said...

I would LOVE a sample pack of your gorgeous cupcake wrappers!! :)

Faye said...

I am so excited about coming to the Magnolia Square on the weekend to buy some of those fabulous cup cake wrappers...i would love a sample pack. My girlfriend and i love baking cupcakes for family and friends and so much nicer in the pretty wrappers.

Diana said...

I am looking forward to visiting your stand at Magnolia Square. Especially interested in your Christmas range. I would love a sample pack too. Thank you!

Anna said...

I have 2 small children & am always looking for different things to do. I am pleased to see something new & exciting come to Adelaide. I would love a sample of your cup cake wrappers & look forward to visiting your stand.