Sunday, December 5, 2010

Magnolia Square Adelaide - Wrap Up

Just over a week ago we participated in our 
final market for 2010.
The always lovely Magnolia Square in Adelaide
It's hard to believe we have only been doing them since March this year!
We have had a great time developing our own little 
pop-up shoppe for every market we do.
As we both love merchandising so much its also a great chance for us
to flex our creative muscle a bit too.
This has paid of as we have now won 2 VM awards at 
and we always get lots of 
ooh's and aah's 
when people visit our stall!
It's all great fun!

We also love meeting our customers.
Finding out how they discovered our wrappers.
We love seeing their faces when we tell them are actually reusable!
Their eyes light up like saucers!

So for our last pop-up event for 2010, we packed our bags 
and headed to Adelaide for 

There were a few little glitches...
Yes, the stall did collapse right as we had completely set it up.
If you know our stall and all the knicky knacks and goodies we have displayed you may understand the 
the incredible sound that resonated around Norwood Concert Hall!
Luckily there were only minor casualities
and the The Cupcake Wrapper Show did roll on!
My arm and hand are still a lovely shade of bluey-black 
as the table slid down my arm.  

Plus it rained in Adelaide.
It was meant to be very warm and sunny.
We did not pack umbrella or even a cardy.
Anyway...we soldiered on.

We met so many lovely Adelaidians...
Leanne the Cake Charmer and we will never forget Bonnie,
by far our best customer yet!
Here is a sneak peak of what went on over the border!

And more from the amazing Mag Sqaure retailers too

Metka from Mag and All from Missie

Metka from Magnolia Square

And we were thrilled to win the 
WOW Factor award too!
As voted by our peers at this event.
Thanks guys!

What an amazing year on the market scene!
We have met so many amazing customers 
and so many incredible retailers.
Thank you to everyone for making this year so much fun!


Zepequeña said...

Lovely show!!!


Vintage Sew and So said...

It looks so lovely. Yay for winning the WOW factor award.