Monday, October 11, 2010

The Wrap Up - Finders Keepers

What a weekend!

was an absolute ripper!

It's going to be hard to sum up this massive experience.

I will start at the start...Friday arvo.
Bump in mid afternoon.
Car loaded.
'Where Is' map printed off.
(My Melways doesnt have these new suburb maps!)
Driving, driving
Mmmm....where is this place?
Eventually the nice lady at the postoffice at Docklands helped us out.

Yep this is the Shed.
And what a Shed it was!
A huge, industrial empty space.
(Not for long I might add)
Hey it's right on the water.
On the dock of the bay!
Beautifully looking over the city right out the front of our stall.
Stall all done. Head home.
Mr.Cupcake Wrapper was Daddy Day Care while we bumped in.
Get home to find Miss C (Natalie's daughter) has taken a 
big tumble off our trampoline.
Arm broken in three places.
Natalie spends the next 2 nights in hospital with Miss C.
Oh no!

Glorious Melbourne days on Saturday & Sunday.
We could not have asked for better weather.
Despite the tricky location, the Shed was packed!
We must admit we were a little aprehensive that people 
may not find the venue, but they did.
Boy did they ever!
There were people everywhere!
There were dogs, bikes, scooters, wheelechairs, prams.
It was all happening at Shed 4!

And what can I say about the amazingly creative bunch 
who had stalls at this wonderful space?
WOW! Springs to mind!
There was so much awesomeness there!
It was quite overwhelming.
We even had customers who came on both days as there was so much to see.

So what did we love most about Finders Keepers?
Meeting SO many peeps - thank you SO much for dropping by!
My Mum, Barb for helping me out on ya!
The live music
Being beside the water - just lovely
The Frankie stand
Our yoga mat we used as a floor mat - saved our feet bigtime!
Our stash of lollies in our lolly jars
I went a bit crazy at Pigeonhole
at Storybook Rabbit & Made by White
Bespoke Letterpress Boutique
My G&T at the end of the day on the couch with dinner made 
by Mr Cupcake Wrapper!

It was just a great environment, full of fab people!
Thanks again to everyone for dropping by our stall.
We did have heaps of queries about all the goodies/props 
on our stall.
I'll write a separate post on that.

We now wait with baited breath for the next Finders Keepers in 2011.
Cant wait!

And lots of other fabulousness at

Stunning Dames & Divas vintage kimono wedges

Finally got the meet the legend that is Pip from Meet Me At Mikes!
Whimsical Storybook Rabbit collection - right up my alley!
Clever Auntie Cookie!
SuperDooper lovely Maddie from Little Circus DesignHer Daylight Savings drama made us giggle!
Quirky Made 590

My new love...Pigeonhole from Perth
Fabulous Frankie!
Find me Keep me


Anonymous said...

So glad you had a great time at Finders Keepers over the weekend. Your stall looked amazing!!! How good was that market ??? I am still in awe of the amazing crafty goodness on display. Spent way too much money, but have loads of christmas presents bought now...including a pack of Cupcake wrappers I might add!

Jenny Stevning said...

Your display looks yummy!
Thank you for all of the wonderful links! I am in love with the shy bunny from the Storybook Rabbit.

The Whimsical Wife said...

wow your stall looks great! Looks like it was an awesome market to go too!!

KrisLeigh said...

Hi Natalie! I was lucky enough to see your gorgeous home in this months Home Beautiful magazine and just had to stop by and check out your wonderful website! =)

Spunkerella Pettiskirt said...

Swung by on Saturday ... your Stall was DIVINE ♥ well done xx

Cheray said...

So lovely to meet you at Finders Keepers! (I was helping out at the Pigeonhole stall)
I loved everything about your stall & and I can't wait to use my cupcake wrappers