Sunday, October 17, 2010

Props and stuff

Firstly we want to thank everyone for all the 
super lovely comments about our Finders Keepers stand.
We were thrilled how it looked and even more thrilled, 
if not a little bewildered, by the amount of happy snappers 
taking photos of it over the weekend too.
But then we were blown away to see that Lucy from our fave design blog, 
The Design Files featured us in her wrap-up
of this amazing event too.
We are just a tad excited!

I did promise earlier this week to let you know about the props 
we use in our market stalls.

I'm just going to highlight the most asked about goodies.
If you want to know anything in particular, just leave us a comment.

Cake Stands
Our beautiful milk glass cake stands are from the Donna Hay General Store.
The pale pink and green milk glass stands come in three sizes.
Ours are small and medium.
They do ship around Australia.

 We have another large whie milk glass stand that I found 
at the huge second hand emporium in Maling Road, Mont Albert.
As always with these places, it's all about good timing!

Large balloons
You can get these from any balloon place.
They are the extra large balloons and can be blown up to 4feet big!
We only blow them up about half their size!
I think they just look spectacular!
Helps people find us too!

This higgedly piggedly old thing came about from one of my treasure hunts at 
Camberwell Market one Sunday.
I found the base - hated the shade.
Then driving along Johnson St, Abbotsford one day, a cafe was selling everything and this lamp shade was propped up on the trailer out the front with the for sale sign leaning up against it.
I quickly did a u-ey and offered them $20 for it.
At the time the color was perfect for my bedroom (still is)
but one night while gearing up for a Magnolia Square I had an epiphany 
that the lamp was also perfect for our stall.
Our stall needed just an extra little oomph and this was it!

Glass Jars
These are a collection of old ones from Mum and ones I have picked up
from the same wonderland in Maling Road!
Plus there are also a few from op shops around Kew.

 Bottles & Stripey Straws
These are old Soda Stream bottles I picked up from an op shop in Fairfield.
$6 for 6

Everyone LOVES the stripey straws!
Yep they do look ace but I do remember as a kid 
they went all soggy when you drank from them.
We got these ones from Bake It Pretty.
But in Australia you can get them from plenty of online party stores,
Both stores just happen to stock our cupcake wrappers too!

Jar labels
A lot of our stall design has been inspired by Amy Atlas and her candy buffets.
The labels we have created for our glass jars have all been custom made.
We have used Specklefarm swing tags & I have added some custom print stickers with fun little sayings.
The grosgrain ribbon is all from The Works in Hawthorn. 
We will be selling these swing tags at Magnolia Square
and will take orders for the custom stickers.

Wooden Stand
This is a Natalie treasure!
One of her fave places is The Junk Company in the city.
It fits in perfectly with everything on our stall.

Whimsical Treasures
If you've seen our pics, you'll know we love our little pieces of whimsy!
Whether they are deer, bunnies, mushrooms, lambs, tin apples, birdies, 
we love them!
All of these are sourced from op shops, etsy and ebay.

Ribbon rosettes from Dear Colleen on etsy.
We have customised them slightly to add the 'hello cupcake'

I made these rosettes from flowers from Diva and some old brooches.
We have some cute black ones too.

Little Cupcake Stands
If we had a $1 for every time we were asked about these, 
we would no longer have to sell our cupcake wrappers!
These are only available from the USA
we are sourcing to have them made so we can sell them
Very soon too!

Polka Dot Ball decorations
Good news here too!
We will have them for sale at Magnolia Square this week!
They will be $2.50 each and come in
red, yellow, pink and blue, plus we have a pretty floral one too.

If I missed something you were wanting to know about, 
just leave a comment and I will get back to you.

Magnolia Square
If you are in Melbourne, we will be setting up a newly styled stall
at Magnolia Square this week.
We like to keep things fresh so whenever you visit us, 
you will find something new and pretty!

Thursday 10am - 9pm
Friday 10am - 5pm
Saturday 10am - 4pm

Malvern Town Hall
Cnr Glenferrie Rd & High St, Malvern
Pop by and say Hi!


Suzanna ~ Mon Tresor said...

Gorgeous job ladies, as always. The stall look amazing and I loved the touches of vintage chic with the lamp shade and soda bottles. Cant wait to pop by at Magnolia. Keep up the great work Xx

Linda V @ Bubble and Sweet said...

I have always admired you pretty props in your pictures, thanks for sharing. Will keep my eyes out for the single cupcake stands.

Lark said...

Your stall is the best xxx

Zepequeña said...

Graet blog!