Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Cupcake Wrapper Election

So a few weeks ago we launched our gorgeous 
Paris cupcake wrapper.

Oh boy!
What a response!
You loved it!

There's always a but...

it only comes in pink

Quelle horreur!

 We have received lots (and I mean lots!) of queries about 
if we can do that wrapper in other colors.

So dear cupcake wrapper lovers, I give to you a readers poll.

Down the right hand side of the page,
just after our stockists list,
you will find a poll where you can vote for 
which color you would like to see our 
paris cupcake wrapper printed in.

There is one teensy little thing missing.
Would you like black & white?
So if you want monochrome - just leave a comment and we will tally them up

Nothing like a bit of cupcake wrapper democracy is there?
Once you have voted, feel free to leave a little comment 
on any other color combo I have missed. 
Merci Beaucoup!


Shelley Trbuhovich said...

sweeties, black and white for me, please! vote 1 x

Julie-Ann said...

Black and white for me too. Sophisticated and suitable for men. My men love cupcakes:)

little red robin said...

vote 1 b&w!

tamy@prettie parties said...

Black and White would be fab in these along with your striped wrappers too!!

Kiwi Cakes said...

black & white

Linda V said...

I actually like the pink, my next choice would be black and white. I guess it always depends what colour scheme party your having.

Project Romance said...

Black and white - SO Parisian and classy!