Monday, July 19, 2010

Christmas In July

In the depths of a southern hemisphere winter there is a new 
tradition that has emerged recently...

Winter in July

Now it is not really my thing as I am still getting over all the hoo-ha of Christmas decorating that I indulge in for the real thing in December.
I couldn't possibly put my family through it all again twice a year.
In fact I only just took down my 'Joy' Christmas lights that were still hanging on the outdoor deck fence!
Thought they better have a bit of a rest under the house, out of the rain for a few months. 
They have to come out again in November,
and thats only 3 months away, 

So no, I am not one for getting into the Christmas spirit on July 25th.

At this time of year, I'm quite happy sitting in front of the fire with my uggies on, with a quiet glass ( or two) of red, my block of Snack choccy, the footy on, and indulging in the latest Inside Out or Real Living.

But plenty of people are, as I am finding out.
A great friend has an old family tradition of having a big 
extended family get together.
They dont see them all at Christmas in December, 
so July is their catch up time.
With so many people, it probably makes sense to do this 
at a less busy time of year.

Another Daneve from Ah Tissue has just posted some photos from her recent Christmas in July.
All very civilised & lovely - no silly paper hats and lame jokes there.
By the way...I love her tissue pom poms!
I could make some space for some of them in the 10 boxes of Christmas decorations I have under the house...yes at least 10 boxes...eeek!

If you are so inclined...
 we have some cute cupcake wrappers that would be perfect for 
Christmas cupcakes or mini plum puddings?

So do you do Christmas in July?
Or would you like to start this tradition?
If you do, we want to know about it.

To win is simple
Please leave a comment about how you celebrate Christmas in July 
how you would like to

We are giving away 5 packs of our new red Christmas Noel cupcake wrappers.
They are so new I dont even have a picture of them!
But I can tell you they are really cute.
Especially when mixed with our red & green Santa, spot, stripe or star.
Or even our red Lovebirds look like 2 partridges in a pear tree - perfect for Christmas too!

We will use Mr.Random to select 5 random winners from all the comments.

If you do celebrate Christmas in July, you can even post some photos on our Facebook page - we'd love to see them!

Good luck!


Giggleberry (Amy) said...

ohhhhhh if I celebrated Christmas i July I would have to do it in true winter style... I'd have a trip to the Aussie Alps booked, a chalet all booked out for a big group of friends and decorate it in everything Christmas - we're talking big fur tree completely decorated, mistletoe, eggnog, fire place, gifts and of course one ridiculously very the top Christmas dinner with a big fat turkey!!

penny said...

Head to the snow with a group of close friends. Snowboard the whole day. But make sure that we have prepared a huge meal that we will all share, drink till we drop and hug each other to bed!
Big roasts and puddings will definitely be on the cards. Hell yeah, we will be spending a white xmas :)

Jo said...

At home with friends and family, all camped out around the roaring fire with good food, music, wine and christmas themed cupcakes of course!

Candice said...

We haven't celebrated Christmas in July before but the more I think of it, the more exciting it sounds. All the family would get together & we could have a huge winter feast of roast meats & veges & top it off with lots of pudding & custard yum yum :)

Leah said...

I'd love to - but my family are too busy celebrating the half-birthday of my nephew - who was born on Christmas Day.

Jessica said...

My husband I just got married and are starting lots of new traditions. His birthday is on boxing day so is normally not as celebrated as much as it would at a different time of year. This year I'm starting a tradition of a christmas in July/ un-birthday for my hubby! That way we get an extra occasion each year to celebrate, and I get another time to celebrate my wonderful husband without being surrounded by family and our parents!

Amelia said...

We are celebrating our first Christmas in July this year. My fiance is English so he's looking forward to a cold Christmas experience again. We are having Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, roast veggies, Mince Pies, mulled wine, eggnog, secret Santa, and decorating the house completely. We can't wait!! :)

janlayrom said...

Jan UK
We dress up in Santa outfits & go to the beach & take photos! Then use them at Christmas for our Christmas cards to send to family & friends in December! It's reminds us how nice & sunny it was & how much the children have grown!!

AnastasiaC said...

definetely a winter getaway would be lovely way to spend Christmas in July - a little B&B in the cold & chilly mountains would be lovely!!!

Rachel @ A Cupcake for Moose said...

Can US residents enter your lovely contest? If so count me in. We don't celebrate Christmas in July but we do start getting excited about the real Christmas this time of year. I may have even begun humming a few Christmas carols softly to myself. :)

Bex Davies said...

We let the kiddies pick themselves 1 present each,and one present to donate to someone who aren't as fortunate as them.
Then we go to the supermarket and get heaps of baking goods and spend the day cooking and baking.

Linda V said...

We haven't celebrated Christmas in July, in Brisbane it's not that big a difference. But it would be nice to go somewhere we could have a fire and snow outside. Then a traditional Christmas Feast might seem like a good idea.

Karen said...

For the first time ever we are celebrating with friends...the works, turkey, pudding and all!!! It'll be interesting to have to explain to my 4 year old that yes we are celebrating Christmas but no it is not your birthday, her birthday is the 19th of Dec so she knows if it's Christmas her birthday is always first!!! I'm sure I can give her a 4.5 gift though ;o)

SweetcheeksCookiesAndCakesAustralia said...

I live in Melbourne and all my family are back home in Sydney. Every July I do a 'Melbourne Family Christmas in July' - with all my friends (who are really family to me) This is the first year I haven't been able to do it, but next year it's back on and it's at my new place! I just bought my first home!
Can't wait to see the new cupcake wrappers!

Julie-Ann said...

We used to do Xmas in July with friends. It was so much fun but a lot of effort. I thought about doing it a couple of weeks ago but didn't. To me if I was going to have that celebration it would require all the decorations to come out. I just couldn't face the thought of doing that twice a year. But I love the Xmas Cupcake Wrappers and they will be perfect in December lol

pinknshabby said...

I would celebrate christmas in july with,afternoon tea. Loads of strawberry and cream cupcakes. heaps of pink spotty buntings, vintage teacups and saucers with cute little sugar cubes and pretty floral table cloths.

Deb - Two Cheeky Monkeys said...

Waaahhh, what a gorgeous giveaway! If money were no object, I would celebrate Christmas in July by inviting all of my friends and family to a big CIJ lunch at the Cuckoo restaurant in Melbourne. It is a fun place to eat and celebrate in European style.

Ashley said...

I would love to start celebrating Christmas in July. Ever since I can remember, I have spent Christmas away from home at my grandmother's house. Now that I have my kids, we could have an old tradition (going to grandma's) and make a new one!(staying home!!)

Ling, Mick, Pork Chop and Snowy said...

Gorgeous xmas in July wrappers!! Would love to just laze at home with big roasts, roasted vegies and drinkies! Just the family with no pressure or stress!

Hannah said...

I think Christmas overtakes enough of my life from Oct-Dec, but I'd be glad to indulge in some very port-heavy trifle to bring about some early Christmas spirit!