Monday, April 19, 2010

Paris Dreaming!

Ooh La La!

On Saturday I had the pleasure of helping with the decorations my niece 
Ashlea's 21st birthday celebrations.
I was overcome with excitement at the prospect of what lovely creations I could come up with!
Being given pretty much free reign over what I could do, I was
like a kid in a candy shop.
My inner Martha and Amy Atlas were about togo crazy!

I finally settled on a theme of Parisian-Shabby Chic-ish.
I had a feeling this would be perfect for Ashlea's brunch.

Luckily I have a vast collection of goodies that fit my theme and the lovely Natalie had a few props I borrowed too.

I made a few little knicky-nacks for the table.
The cake picks were made from stickers and toothpicks.
These were in 2 sizes using a small round sticker & an oval sticker.
I stamped them with paris themed stamps.
Mint Boxes
Riot Art has plain white matchboxes.
I stamped these again with paris themed stamps and filled them 
with a few mints.
These were handed out as a little party favor.
 Birthday Post Cards
Plain white business cards were stamped with paris themed stamps (again) and left on a tray for guests to leave a 
'petite' birthday message for Ashlea.
They could then post them in one of our old vintage glass jars.
Bon Appetit cards
Riot Art comes to the rescue again with plain white cards that I just stamped with a cupcake/high tea stamp and arranged in front of the some of the plates of yummy food.

And of course our cupcake wrappers were the icing on the cake!

We awoke on Saturday to the promise of a warm autumn day in Melbourne.
We could not have asked for better weather.
I'm sure all the guests would have agreed that the brunch was just lovely.
Delicious food with great friends and family made it the perfect way to celebrate!
Apologies for some of the photos - the sunlight was so bright - even with the blinds down.

 Just had to share with you my most favorite slice in the world.
Jelly Slice made by Ashlea's Mum.
One word...

By the way - we will have a new cupcake wrapper design very soon.
Our gorgeous Eiffel Tower design will be ready in about 3 weeks.
We will give you a sneak peak later this week.



Chic Mother and Baby said...

FANTASTIC!! Bravo ladies. Wish my 21st looked like that - think I did a 1920s theme...I wonder if cupcakes were in at that time :)

Designsdbj said...

What a lucky girl to have you to do all this for her. It looked gorgeous:)

Party Box Design said...

loooooove this!!! so many great details!

Frog, Goose and Bear said...

i have those paris the way you've used them. thanks for sharing! jelly slice is my all time favorite slice also! glad to discover your site.

Fiona said...

What an amazing 21st brunch! Im sure she will be the envy of all her girlfriends. I love how elegant you made the table look. I can't wait for my Daughter's birthday to come around again next year so I can make cupcakes with your wrappers. Ohh and I hope to have a welcome to the world party for my baby boy as I think he will arrive before I get to have a baby shower. Really beautiful.