Thursday, March 11, 2010


When most people think of cupcakes, they tend to think of pretty high teas, pink frosting and little girls in piggy tails at a birthday party.
The Cupcake Wrapper Co. HQ is full of girls, we have four between the two of us!
We have to remind ourselves of the boy factor every now and again too!

But of course boys love cupcakes too.

And why not - they are delicious!

When we launched our cupcake wrappers we did have a few 
requests for more 'boy' designs.
For those of you who have been following us for some time, you might even remember we did a poll on our blog to findout which boy design 
you would like to see.
The cowboy design was an overwhelming "Yes Please!"

We love the YeeHa cowboy design and our rope font.
This is pretty cool with Toy Story making a comeback too!

Our friend Amy at Giggleberry Buntings recently used our blank cupcake wrappers to make fabulous pirate wrappers for little man's 1st birthday.
  Amy stuck pirate stickers all over them, and also used our red spot wrappers for her theme as well.
How fantastic do they look?

The sky is the limit on how you can work our cucpake wrappers into your boy's birthday party.
The blue, red and green will work a treat - especially with our dots, stars and stripes, and not forgetting our Happy Birthday cupcake wrapper.

Have fun with your fella's!


Giggleberry (Amy) said...

Hooray for boys and hooray for cupcakes! The pirate cupcakes were a hit at my little pirate's day! Thanks ladies xxx

EvaBabeDesigns said...

Thanks for the adorable ideas!