Thursday, October 29, 2009

A new man at Cupcake HQ...

A new man arrived at Cupcake Wrapper HQ today.
He is so very strong and handsome - in a 'puffy' kind of way.
I have been admiring him for such a long time, but always from afar.
Whilst I coveted him - our paths kept crossing but we never actually 'met'.
He kept evading me on ebay or was easily lost in the crowd at
Camberwell Market.
Finally as I had a fossick at our local second hand shop I found him.
It was fate, I had to have him!

As the Melbourne spring days have been so beautiful over the last few weeks, it has been lovely to fling open the front door and let the breezes flow.
Now I have my 'Man' to hold that door tight.

Speaking of spring....

The lovely oldies who we purchased our house from many moons ago had pretty green thumbs and we are still reaping the benefits of their gardening prowess all these years later.
These old roses are just divine and seem to get better and better every year.
The perfume is incredible!

You can probably tell from our posts - we LOVE flowers at
Cupcake Wrapper HQ!

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