Friday, June 24, 2011

Competition Time!

It's no secret our Blog postings have been few and far between this year.
But our Facebook page has been chugging along nicely thank you very much!
We will hit 4000 Fans this week!


We are so excited every time we see another Fan join the page.
Our fans join us from all over the world...
USA, UK, Denmark, Mexico, Chile, Malaysia, France, to name a few.
The power of the internet is just gobsmackingly amazing!!

So to celebrate all things cupcake wrapperery,
let's have a competition!

Christmas In July!

Some of our most popular designs are our Christmas designs.
So why wait until December to use them?
Many people celebrate Christmas in July.
Especially in Australia as it is usually 40degrees on December 25th!
The cooler month of July allows us to don our winter woollies, stoke the fire, make the egg nog and have a little festive fun.

Personally I cant wait to have some Plum Pudding.
Luckily Mum makes an extra pudd so we can have it around our birthdays (which also happen to be in July)
Plum Pudd is the perfect winter comfort food!
Now to make the brandy butter and I will be a happy camper!

Just post a comment on how you would use our Christmas cupcake wrappers.
We will select the best answers and give away 5 packs!
Yep, that's right...5 packs!
So there will be 5 winners!
Tell your friends as we want to share the cupcake wrapper love!
Dont forget to become a Fan on our Facebook page too if you arent already

Thanks to everyone for your support!
Good luck - we hope you win!



Mandy said...

Oooh, great comp :) I'd use your cupcake wrappers around some chocolate mud cupcakes and have a little 'Christmas in July' family celebration - any excuse to eat cupcakes!

Donna said...

I would invite my family and friends over for a feast fit for a king and enjoy some fun and laughter together. Topping it off with warm tea and a selection of cupcakes

sarah7681 said...
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sarah7681 said...

After our Traditional Baked Dinner on a Sunday I would hide all the cupcakes around the house and have the kids go and find them. Something different to the traditional easter egg hunt or Santa Chocolate Hunt.

Elissa said...

I would start a new family tradition! A great excuse to prepare a big turkey and to try some of the great holiday cupcake recipes that I've been stocking piling for December. A less stress holiday. No gifts. Just focusing on good food, GREAT cupcakes, and FAMILY!

Leah said...

One of my family's favourite Christmas treats is White Christmas - it would look great made in cupcake papers instead of a pan, and encircled with your lovely cupcake wraps!

Darcie said...

I would get some sparklers and set up something sparkly for Christmas in July!

RebeccaR said...

Mmmmm.... I'd have a lovely winter-inspired afternoon tea with mulled wine, hot chocolates, liquor and plenty of cupcakes! A theme of reds, greens and silvers.

Red velvet cupcakes would be a must! For desert... And also some delicious fruit mince christmas cupcakes for the traditionalists.

Decorate the house with fairy lights, paper chains and Chinese lanterns to make a winter wonderland!

Virginia Mason said...

I would love to make to yummy Salty Caramel popcorn and put that inside the cupcake wrappers or cut some fruit to coordinate with the theme colours - watermelon and strawberries (for Christmas) with little wooden spoons or flags.

Emerald Dreams said...

As it's kinda miserable for June here in Ireland, I would love a scrumptious of Vanilla milk made from really nice Vanilla pods, to wash down a gooey indulgent Brownie cupcake smothered in chocolate butter cream frosting :) how beautiful in your cupcake cases *SWOOOON*

shanta said...

It's a very good idea... Xmas in July... why not? A big table with cupcakes, cold muller wine (!), some little Xmas tree to decorate...and a lot of friend... All time is the right time to have a party!

self-made said...

Ooooh my beautiful friend, Jess, is hosting a Christmas In July celebration. I'm on "cupcake duty" and am planning to bake a big batch of Sparkle Cupcakery Christmas Spice Cupcakes. Cupcake Wrapper Co Christmas wrappers would make the festivities extra special :-)

Erica said...

I really think my favourite Christmas treat would be perfect in these! The good old Pavlova! How yummy would a little mini serve be topped with a smidge of kiwi, strawberries and banana, a blob of cream and a stick of cadbury flake! I think I'd be going back for seconds!

Erica said...
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Drink More Tea said...

Your Christmas wrappers I would use like old fashioned "party cups" that held party favours. They would package up my homemade gingerbread caramels and be passed on to spread christmas in july cheer.

Erin said...

I'll deck my hall with boughs of holly;
Put music on, so all are jolly;
I'll roast the turkey, nice and hot,
But it's July, so sweat we'll not!

Lots of vegies, yummy stuffing,
Gravy, drinks, we'll want for nothing!
Except, perhaps some Christmas cake -
My very favourite thing to bake!

The crowning glory of this table,
are cupcake wrappers, if I'm able;
thanks to your generosity,
towards a baking girl like me!

Happy Christmas in July! :)

Sarah said...

Jingle bells, jingle bells,
Cupcakes all the way!
Oh what fun it is to bake,
and share the yummy things I make!

SamySavva said...

Christmas in July high tea with my 2 girl friends at home sitting on the front veranda whilst sipping on some champagne eating some scrumptious Donna Hay cupcakes wrapped your GORGEOUS and delectable cupcake wrappers. Oh and also make some chocolate brownies and macaroons to go with them!

krittleb said...

I'd use your gorgeously cute christmas cupcake wrappers to make christmas cupcakes to keep me going until christmas i can't wait for christmas i love it!

Kelbel said...

My girlfreinds and I are about to start organising a High Tea for our friends to come along to, and we want it to be elegant, beautiful and fun! Your cupcake wraps would be a PERFECT way to start!!

Kelbel said...

My girlfreinds and I are about to start organising a High Tea for our friends to come along to, and we want it to be elegant, beautiful and fun! Your cupcake wraps would be a PERFECT way to start!!

The Handmaden said...

I can picture little cupcake puddings with white icing and little hand made sugar holly with berries on top!