Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Australia Day!

Hello 2011!

The new year swished in so quickly and now January is nearly over already!
We have both had lots of family time over the month
and now we are getting ready to head back to school and kinder.

I have to admit I love January.
The beach, the Australian Open tennis, the barbies, daylight saving, mangoes, the local pool, the cicadas, nectarines, the one day cricket, watching the bats glide across the sky at dusk, fish and chips, a good book, smearing Nivea on your skin after a day in the sun.
Aaahh...the is nothing like it!

It's Australia Day today.

And what a country it is.
We LOVE it!

Both Natalie and I have been lucky enough to travel far and wide.
And we can confidently say we do live in the best country in the world and the best city for that matter too.
Yes, call us parochial, we dont mind one bit!

The republican debate always fires up at this time of year too.
As much as I do agree Australia should be a republic, I do love a royal!
I cannot wait for the royal wedding in April too!
(Steve and I will now share our anniversary with Will and Kate!)

We are firing up the bbq tonight with some yummy recipes from
the new Ben O'Donoghue cookbook; At Home With Ben.
The kids will play on the tramp all night and we can sit back and relax with some bubbles and the ipod.
What more could you wish for?

Have an ace day!

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