Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Reuse, Recycle...Go Green

One of our most important philosophies when we started 
The Cupcake Wrapper Co 
was to make our product in Australia 
to use environmentally responsible products in the 
production of our cupcake wrappers.

In developing our product we also wanted to ensure our chosen 
colors stayed true.
That they didnt get all wishy-washy from the icing or the 
butter from the cupcakes.
We wanted our cupcakes to look fabulous.
With our unique design,we think we have achieved this...and more!

Our cupcake wrappers are reusable.
Yes, reusable.

Quite by fluke, we realised that our cupcake wrappers were reusable.
A careful wipe over with a slightly damp cloth will remove any sticky finger marks or scraps of left over icing.
Then simply stack them up, pop them in the cupboard, ready for your next cupcake event.

We have several stacks of wrappers we have used in photo shoots, 
and at our markets and they are still looking fabulous after 6 months!
That's even with our 4 little helpers (aged from 4 - 8) handling 
them over this time too.

We think that makes our cupcake wrappers pretty cool!

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