Friday, December 4, 2009

We Heart Gigi and Lulu!

Today we wanted to send a big thank you and shout out to our friend
Prue from Gigi & Lulu.

Prue has been such a fantastic person to have helping us as
we have launched our dream of
The Cupcake Wrapper Co.

We actually stumbled across Prue's work while surfing the web at
Little Bird Photography
After a few emails, then lots of meetings (and coffees!) it all resulted in Prue doing our artwork for our wrappers and also assisted with the branding of our company too.
Not only that but she also continually gives us wonderful
'pearls' along the way that seem to always be of benefit for
The Cupcake Wrapper Co.
Some of these pearls....
"You just have to join me"
"Skout Trade Fair is an amazing, supportive community to be a part of"

It has been fabulous having Prue along for our journey,
maybe she could be a part of your journey too.

You can check out some of what Prue has done for us at her
and also her website

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