Tuesday, June 8, 2010

To Market, To Market...

As many of our readers would know we headed north to Sydney 
to exhibit at the gorgeous 

  This was our very first venture interstate
and Sydney welcomed us with open arms!
(Albeit wet arms with all that rain!) 
It was so exciting to be a part of this event that is full of so many other talented and inspiring people, many of them Mums just like us.

We were also wrapt with how many customers had already seen or heard about our cupcake wrappers.
It was quite a thrill actually!

By the way, our best sellers over the weekend were our ever faithful 
spots & stripes 
in pink, blue and green.

We took lots of snaps to if you could not make it over the weekend,
check it all out here.


We love Amanda & Josh from the fabulous Dames & Divas

The camera-shy illustrator Nikki Catalano
She even did some new drawings while she was there!
Beautiful french beads at So French So Chic

The very lovely Helen from Ensparkle

The best accessory of the weekend was the...umbrella!

Thanks to all those Sydneysiders who braved the 
weather to make the trip to Randwick.

It was great to meet so many new friends - customers and other retailers.
We had a blast!

If you didnt get a chance to get to there, you can always order from us online.
Just email us hello@thecupcakewrapperco.com.au
Look out for us at the next 
Malvern Town Hall 


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Mel said...

Possibly the cutest and most gorgeous stall I've ever seen! Congrats girls!